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This web site enables a widest access to information related to the activities of the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators and of the system made of the Italian provincial orders, and to issues with reference to professional practice and architectural culture.
It aims to provide the most complete, up-to-date and precise information possible; any mistake that will be notified to us will be rectified as soon as possible.
The CNAPPC does not assume any responsibility for information available on the web site and reserves the right to modify its content at any time without prior warning.

All material contained in this web site is protected by the Italian and international laws on Copyright.
You may not reproduce such material in whole or in part, in any form and by any mean, without first obtaining the prior written consent of CNAPPC.
All material, such as, by way of an unrestrictive example, text, graphics, files, tables, pictures and information being present in this web site is protected by current regulations in the matter of copyrights, patents, trademarks and intellectual property.
Data may therefore be downloaded or used for personal and non-commercial purposes only and will certainly not, in whole or in part, be copied, modified, distributed or sold in any way for profit or benefit.

The CNAPPC provides in the web site accurate and up-to-date information, which is submitted to a previous check and assumes no direct or indirect liability or responsibility with users and generally with any third person, for any delay, inaccuracy, mistakes, omissions, damages (direct, indirect, consequent, punishable and sanctionable) resulting from the above mentioned contents.
The CNAPPC is not responsible for the news, pictures, texts, graphics, files, tables and any other information available in the web site provided by third parties.
The CNAPPC assumes no liability or responsibility for any incorrect transcription of laws or legal documents and therefore reminds that on this point, the only texts bearing witness will be those available with the relevant bodies.

External web sites
The CNAPPC assumes no liability or responsibility with reference to web sites accessible through external links posted as a convenience for users in the present web site.
The providing of such links does not imply that the CNAPPC approves such web sites for which the CNAPPC is therefore not responsible with reference to quality, content and graphics.
The CNAPPC is not responsible with users for information obtained through web sites linked to www.awn.itand; the only responsible for the completeness and accuracy of such an information will be the owners of such linked-sites.
The CNAPPC makes no warranties as to the software that may be present on its own web site or external web sites and cannot guarantee neither quality nor safety and compatibility with systems being in use.

The CNAPPC makes no warranties as to the presence on the web site of mistakes or viruses and shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by users because of such destructive elements.

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