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The National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators is a body appointed by the Ministry of Justice with the Law n. 1395/23; it took its current name, substitute of the original one National Council of Architects, after the coming into force of the D.P.R. 328/01 that adds to the traditional figure of architect other expert figures being five-years and three-years (iunior) graduated.

The Council is consisting of 15 members, elected by the provincial Orders, for a five-year term. The present Council has been in office since January 2006.

The CNAPPC carries out its activity for the in-depth analysis of professional themes through the work of its own departments.

The National Council makes decisions in order to give its own opinion and interpretation with reference to regulations and laws as regards the professional practice.

The circulars, sent to the provincial Orders, provide a continuous updating of the most important legislative regulations linked to the professional world.
The Italian system of the Orders is organised through the 103 provincial Orders that, being distributed all over the national territory, pass first-degree comments and promote the culture of the project.
The Board of governors of the Orders are elected by the members registered to the provincial structures every four years.

The regional bodies, Councils and Federations, are voluntary organisations that gather the provincial Orders in a same geographic area aiming to share initiatives related to the preservation and promotion of the profession of architect, planner, landscaper and curator.

The CUP, Unitary Committee for the Professions, gather all the orders and professional colleges existing in Italy and promote politics aimed to the preservation and enhancement of the acknowledged professions.

The representing system for the profession of architect is consisting of, at an international level, several international organisations that, thanks to the contributions of their own national representatives, coordinate the various professional orders activities and organize events aimed to promote the quality of the project.
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