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  Education and Diploma  

Education and Diploma


Status in respect of EC Directive 384/85

Circular letter no. 539/91 by the Ministry of Culture

Diplomas, Certificates and other educational qualifications which are the subject of mutual recognition among EU member states (Official Journal of the European Communities, 04.12.99)

for students who started their architectural education before the 1988/1989 academic year, the diplomas to be recognised are as follows:
  • those which are referred to in Article 11 of EC Directive 85/384 of 10 June 1985
for students who started their architectural education after the 1988/1989 academic year:

  • Arkitekt cand.arch.: Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole i København; Arkitektskolen i Århus

Educational Institutions

Admission: test
Duration: 5 (2+3)
Attendance: compulsory
Diploma: Cand. Arch.

All data were derived from the bibliographic references
and correspond to the relevant state-of-the-art.
Last updated on 20/02/2007
The information provided herein was developed by the National Board of Italian Architects and is based both on data collected directly by the National Board of Italian Architects and on data collected from bibliographical sources.
  • CENSIS Statistics Report in cooperation with the National Council of Italian Architects September 1999
  • "Architetti in Europa - Formazione e Professione", a research funded by the "Jacques Delors Research Grant within the European Culture" of the Yuste Academy with the support of the European Commission, for the "Charles V" prize awarded by the European Academy of the Yuste Foundation - 1999
  • "Architetto - Manuale per la professione", by E. Milone - 4th edition, August 1999 - DEI
  • Official European National Statistics Bodies - see links
  • "Professione architetto in Europa" - Etaslibri - Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri


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